How In-Person Sales Helps You the Consumer

We've recently realized that we could be doing much more for you as our valued clients during the photography ordering process after your session.  We spend so much time planning your shoot by helping you decide what clothes to wear, choosing the perfect location or background and showing you how to pose that it seems like such a shame to just send you on your way once we send you a link to your images.

Our photography studio has decided that we would like to  take our services to the next level by offering you more guidance and assistance after your shoot. We will be personalizing our ordering experience by helping you select the best photos to print, what size canvas you should order and where to display your images.

•    Our customers deserve a more personalized experience with our photography studio because photography is personal. 
•    A professional photographer’s services should extend beyond the shoot. We want to advise you on the best place to display your photos and how you should be displaying them.
•    Choosing photos can be a confusing and sometimes daunting task. We want to be able to guide you on which images to print and what paper and finishes will give you the best results.
•    We want to ensure that are aware of and are taking full advantage of all the options available to you.
•    We know that a personal touch and good service leads to greater customer satisfaction.
•    It can sometimes be difficult to visualize what canvas prints of varying sizes would look like, which is why we would prefer to show it to you in person and make it easier for you to decide what you want.

Destin Photography: Beach Portrait and Studio Photography

We adore Destin photography portraits! It doesn't matter if it's a 30A Beach Portrait or a High School Senior Portraits in The Red Dog Studio, we offer the most creative and fun selection around for family portraits, portrait photography and senior portraits! We are one of the best portrait photographers and photographers at the beach with a modern flair! 

High school seniors come to us from all over the country to use our photography services! We are now scheduling our Class of 2019 sessions!

To learn more about us as wedding photographers, please go to the wedding page.

We are also scheduling out 2018 Beach Portrait sessions. Book now, we are filling up quickly for the summer!